Regulation Reducing Legislation I supported during the 2018 Legislative Session:

  • HB 36, Free Expression Regulation Amendments, requires that a political subdivision ensure that restrictions on expressive activity on public grounds comply with constitutional requirements, that the restrictions be adopted by ordinance and prevents the political subdivision from prohibiting political activities on public grounds.

  • HB 181, Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act, states that home-based producers may be exempt from certain state, county or city regulations regarding the preparation, serving, use, consumption or storage of food and food products that are produced and sold within the state, sold directly to an informed end consumer and for home consumption if they include a disclosure that the food was processed or prepared without government inspection.

  • SB 108, Raw Milk Amendments, allows the sale of raw milk at a farmer’s market and from a mobile refrigerated truck and exempts the sale of a limited amount from certain regulations.

    • Up to 120 gallons/month may be sold directly to the consumer if:

      • it is for household use

      • sale and delivery are upon the premises where the milk is produced

      • The producer labels the raw milk as specified

    • SB 167, Food Truck Regulation Amendments, simplifies and builds on the work of SB 250 (2017), which prevented a political subdivision from requiring multiple business licenses, permits or fees and required reciprocity between local health departments and fire inspections. This bill simply cuts through some of the red tape and cleans up problems with the last bill by restricting the ability to regulate a food truck through a land use or zoning ordinance and prohibiting certain regulation, including on private property.